Politikal prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal speaks on mass shootings

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The sounds of gunfire crackle through the night air, but few seem to realize its import.

Some think it’s firecrackers; some, the thump, thump of helicopter blades chopping through the air; some even think it is sound effects to accentuate tunes of a country-western band.

Then, the music stops, and people fall, their bodies sprouting expanding flowers of deep crimson.

And slowly, as in a dream (or a real-life horror show), comes the realization, and screams rip through the air, grim accompaniment to the sound of automatic weapons fire.

A new city joins the carnage that is uniquely American. In the space of 15 minutes, dozens are dead, and over half a thousand wounded. A new record, a uniquely American one, is made.

Las Vegas, Nevada — America’s deadliest modern-day mass shooting.

Politicians and cops hurl curses at a corpse — a man once, yes…

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