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Flint Water Plant. Photo by George Thomas on Flickr.

Flint Water Plant. Photo by George Thomas on Flickr

Nearly 1,250 days ago, a major water crisis hit Flint, Michigan. Complaints by residents, matched with studies showing more evidence of serious health issues, continue to emerge. Yet, even as problems persist, authorities and officials involved in fomenting the crisis have yet to be held accountable.

Lead poisoning in the water brought about the rise of childhood development issues and long-term brain damage in Flint, but according to a paper from David Slusky of Kansas University and Daniel Grossman of West Virginia University, fetal deaths are on the rise.

The authors conclude that between 198 and 276 more children would have been born—an estimated 58% increase in fetal death rates—had Flint officials not switched the city’s water source from Detroit River to the Flint River. Their findings suggest that a “more lax regulatory environment in the context of drinking water may…

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