​Eda kan o gbon bi Eledumare

No being is as wise as Oloduamre (God)

Ways and manner you seek and chant your orishas is how they manifest for you.
If you pray to Orishas and chant them up with bitterness,hangwr,bickering and arrogant, you will manifest that aspect of them even more .
Being humble, obedience ,respectful of those elders that had laid their ase on you , being trustful to the foundation of your evolution spiritually ,being positive ,being peaceful even with enemies , being able to appreciate your weaknesses and being able to know you can move mountain because you are starlight; and on points of most necessitates of righteousness will give you eternal peace as everything you encounter will be blessings regardless of how others interpret them.
Apart from saying all these, I live by these doctrine. It makes life easier for me. I smile at situations most…

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Pan African Spiritualist Practitioner and Advisor Hoodoo/Voodoo Obeah Bokor https://www.psychic.org/en/thedivineprince
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