Mercury inconjunct Mars

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Mercury inconjunct Mars (8° Taurus/Sagittarius) Communication is trickier during this transit. People are more argumentative and excitable, more likely to draw broad conclusions. There are a lot of definite opinions, and there’s a tendency to expect what’s true for you to be true for everyone, no matter where they’re coming from. Some people preach and lecture, and other people tune them out and do things their own way, anyway. This is a time when fixed viewpoints can be the root of the problem. When a foundational belief is challenged, people can feel very threatened, and may argue endlessly in an effort to maintain the status quo. You may run into people who are very stubborn, who have extreme cases of tunnel vision. They’ve always done everything the same way, and they are not going to consider your ideas, even though you may be seeing a wider picture than they are. Or you may be on the other side of this, and run into people who are trying to change you. Your values have supported you for years, and they might have supported your grandparents as well. Why should you change now? Who are they to judge you? Who are they to tell you your ideas are outdated? What they’re proposing is unrealistic, impractical, and extreme. So one danger here is that you can block progress completely, and another is that you can jump into things without thinking them through. There has to be some middle way between doing nothing and leaping impulsively into the fray. This is noticeable April 9 to 12. It’s exact in NYC: Sun, Apr 10, 4:45 pm in Vancouver: Sun, Apr 10, 1:45 pm in London: Sun, Apr 10, 9:45 pm in Singapore: Mon, Apr 11, 4:45 am in Sydney: Mon, Apr 11, 6:45 am

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