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Throughout history, great leaders have made decisions after consulting with mystics and seers—from the augurs of the Roman Empire to Queen Elizabeth’s co

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Cameroon independence activist Ndeh Ntumazah used the occult to obscure his political organization from colonial rule. The British allowed political parties from Nigeria to enter Cameroon but only if they had no communist affiliation.

Ntumazah brought a political party together as an occult organization called Mamie-Wata, which was said to specialize in healing and sensitizing people to disease. They held nighttime masses with candles and incense and gave each other Sephardic code names like Araphabel, Zadkielabel, and Lucifer.

The political occult group had a song:

Mamie-Wata, Mamie-Wata,
Mamie-Wata, logho ma-yi ngoe,
Mamie-Wata, Mamie-Wata,
Mamie-Wata, logho Mukara ngoe!

When translated, the song says:

Mamie-Water, Mamie-Water,
Mamie-Water, Take the motherf—ker away,
Mamie-Water, Mamie-Water,
Mamie-Water, Take the English colonialists away!

One member of the society claimed that the group also believed in the powers of transmigration. He said that he had seen his pregnant mother, a member of the Razielabel group, suddenly vanish when their home was raided by thugs who wished to punish a woman who “has decided to become a man and is teaching other women to refuse to listen to men.”

Ntumazah continued to use the Mamie-Wata group to politically organize on the sly without the colonialists noticing until he launched the One Kamerun Political Party in 1957.

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