Ponomarev Oleg – Mari. Last Pagans of Europe | LensCulture

The Mari people are the last representatives of paganism in Russia. Although the Mari people are located in close partnership with other nationalities as Russians, Tatars, Udmurts, they managed to preserve their unique culture, traditions and faith. Religion is the cornerstone on which to build a culture and “way of thinking” Mari. The main and inviolable rule is the harmony with the environment, careful use, rather than the destruction or transformation of nature. The earth has given us everything necessary for life, we can only to use it with respect and don’t forget to thank the Gods for their gifts. Forest instead of the temple, the tree trunk instead of the face icons, the blows of the axe on the blade of a knife instead of ritual music and the animals as a gift to the Gods of earth and heaven. Gods who guarded the people in the difficult period of the Soviet Union and continue to protect now, helping them to live safely and to develop the last Russian pre-Christian religion.

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