Inequality etched in New Orleans’ sidewalks? Washington Post reports

That New Orleans has terrible sidewalks is not news in its own right. It’s been well established for decades, to varying levels of frustration. But that conditions of sidewalks coincide with a neighborhood’s income levels is something worth noting. The Washington Post, citing a University of Illinois at Chicago research study, found that a disproportionate number of non-continuous sidewalks between bus stops and intersections occur most often in lower-income, non-white communities. This is important because poorer residents often have less access to vehicles and walk to where they need to go. And pedestrian deaths have been on the rise nationally. The study, conducted by assistant professor Kate Lowe at the University of Illinois, examined data collected by the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority as it reviewed how routes were compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. You can read the Washington Post’s report here.

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