Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals

Brooks Wheelan and Anderson .Paak of Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals Get Psychic Readings with The Divine Prince at House of Blues! Voodoo Fest 2016
🔮 All is a Blessing! 🎩 #RespectTheVoodoo 🐍

Talk about a jam packed #dayoff! We sent Brooks Wheelan to connect with Anderson .Paak and the Free nationals for an authentic New Orleans experience. They talk past, present and future before we get backstage and in the crowd at the VooDoo Music Festival.

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Flint Water Plant. Photo by George Thomas on Flickr.

Flint Water Plant. Photo by George Thomas on Flickr

Nearly 1,250 days ago, a major water crisis hit Flint, Michigan. Complaints by residents, matched with studies showing more evidence of serious health issues, continue to emerge. Yet, even as problems persist, authorities and officials involved in fomenting the crisis have yet to be held accountable.

Lead poisoning in the water brought about the rise of childhood development issues and long-term brain damage in Flint, but according to a paper from David Slusky of Kansas University and Daniel Grossman of West Virginia University, fetal deaths are on the rise.

The authors conclude that between 198 and 276 more children would have been born—an estimated 58% increase in fetal death rates—had Flint officials not switched the city’s water source from Detroit River to the Flint River. Their findings suggest that a “more lax regulatory environment in the context of drinking water may…

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Politikal prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal speaks on mass shootings

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The sounds of gunfire crackle through the night air, but few seem to realize its import.

Some think it’s firecrackers; some, the thump, thump of helicopter blades chopping through the air; some even think it is sound effects to accentuate tunes of a country-western band.

Then, the music stops, and people fall, their bodies sprouting expanding flowers of deep crimson.

And slowly, as in a dream (or a real-life horror show), comes the realization, and screams rip through the air, grim accompaniment to the sound of automatic weapons fire.

A new city joins the carnage that is uniquely American. In the space of 15 minutes, dozens are dead, and over half a thousand wounded. A new record, a uniquely American one, is made.

Las Vegas, Nevada — America’s deadliest modern-day mass shooting.

Politicians and cops hurl curses at a corpse — a man once, yes…

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Grilled Shawarma Corn with Fresh Dill

Chef Kamarad

#Grilled, #Shawarma, #Corn, #with, #Fresh, #Dill

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Inspired By Black Panthers, People’s Breakfast Oakland Helps Those Neglected By Government

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In the 1960s, the Black Panther Party introduced a program in the United States that was unheard of at the time — a free breakfast initiative for school children. At least 20,000 kids in 19 cities in the country were offered eggs, toast, grits, and other food every school day.

The program, inaugurated in 1969 in Oakland, California, was just one aspect of the Panthers’ wider community-based movement, which emphasized self-determination.

As the publication Black Perspectives explained, “One of the fundamental aspects of the [Panthers] was their commitment to serving black communities through a variety of social programs including ambulance services, health clinics, and the creation of schools. One of the most successful of these social programs was the Free Breakfast for Children Program, which provided food for children all across the United States.”

A new movement growing in Oakland aims to recreate this approach, filling in the spaces where…

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Mississippi Black Codes (1865)

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The status of Blacks was the focal problem of Reconstruction. Slavery had been abolished by the Thirteenth Amendment, but the white people of the South were determined to keep the Black population in “their place,” socially, politically, and economically. This was done by means of the notorious “Black Codes,” passed by several of the state legislatures. Northerners regarded these codes as a revival of slavery in disguise. The first such body of statutes, and probably the harshest, was passed in Mississippi in November 1865. Four of the statutes that made up the code are reprinted below.
During 1865, Andrew Johnson put into effect his own plan of Reconstruction, establishing procedures whereby new governments, elected by white voters only, would be created in the South. Among the first laws passed by the new governments were these Black Codes, which attempted to regulate the lives of the former slaves. These laws granted…

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Revolutionary Daily Thought

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“Politikal power grows out the barrel of the gun.” Mao Zedong

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Hurricane Irma

Divine Peace and Serenity!

Dutch Guyana

Hurricane Irma

This article documents a current tropical cyclone. Information regarding it may change rapidly as more information becomes available; news reports and other primary sources may be unreliable. The last updates to this article may not reflect the most current information about this tropical cyclone for all areas. Please refer to your local weather service or media outlets for the latest weather information pertaining to a specific location.

Hurricane Irma is an extremely powerful tropical cyclone that is currently making landfall in Cuba and is threatening the Southeastern United States. It is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin outside the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, and is tied with the 1935 Labor Day hurricane as the strongest landfalling cyclone on record in the Atlantic basin as well as the strongest Atlantic hurricane since Wilma of 2005 in terms of maximum sustained winds, the most intense…

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